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The minimum size for the standard logo is 1/2 inch. The logo can adapt when the size gets too small to show details by removing the travel stickers from the suitcase element.

The suitcase element can be used as a web browser identifier. It can be used in this capacity in any of the approved brand colors.

This version of the logo  identifies how close it can be to other objects or the edge of a page.

The light blue identifies the space that should be left as white space when using the logo.

In order to assure consistency in color we chose not to include a spot color as part of the identity. We chose a group of five colors to give plenty of flexibility in application while still staying on brand. The tints of all the colors are approved for use except red. Red will often look pink in a tint and so red is not approved as a tint color.

White, black and 50% gray are approved for use with the logos.

The approved font family is Helvetica Nue LT. This family will give many options for type usage and compliments the display face well.

Helvetica Nue was chosen because it is the refined and most modern version of helvetica. This font works quite well reversed and has been found to be exceptionally readable in many instances.


For the secondary font we have gone with the font that was used in the logo itself. The font is an all capital letter set limiting it’s flexibility and readability.Only use this font for titles or subtitles. This font should never be used for body copy.

Complete Brand Story

Standards Manual Only

GIF version of identity when motion is appropriate.

Our Brand

The Pan Am travel experience will fully integrate local cultures to create immersive experiences that will last a lifetime.
The destinations will be carefully chosen
for safety.

At our state side resorts we will create the culture for those unable to travel overseas. Careful attention to architecture, foods and traditions will be crafted into large immersive environments.


Mission statement

Enabling Cultural Exchange

Making the very best that world cultures have to offer accessible


Welcome to Pan Am!
We at Pan Am are excited to bring a whole new way of interacting with world cultures. So whether you have a passport or not, everyone will have the opportunity to experience another culture.

We have created a travel adventure company unlike anything available.

Our world culture centers that can offer truly immersive cultural experiences without ever leaving the States.

Come, it’s our world!

A rich history!
Pan American Airlines, America’s airline for international travel. With the best rained crews and the highest quality aircraft Pan-Am was considered the very best for long distance travel.


The rich and colorful history of the Pan Am brand could fill volumes. The reality of the fall of the Pan Am brand was a combination of bad business decisions, oil crisis and a changing understanding of air travel all helped lead to the downfall of the brand as a world airlines.

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